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falling forward
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vinyl & ep
better days
create the future
the quickening
roots we seek
building the panopticon
jungle boots
headstrong & heartfoolish
altered beast
live and regret
rmx or die
say more fire
amen, punk
evil most foul
ocean ep


collaborations & remixes
Shade Ft. Drumcorps - It's Almost Forever
The Algorithm - Floating Point
FeyDer & Aaron Spectre - Three O'Clock Rock
electrocado - scribble
celldweller - precious one
mixhell - white ropes
obsidian kingdom - haunts of the underworld
rob zombie - never gonna stop (grind)
rob zombie - never gonna stop (acid)
blackstrobe vs. mixhell - blast from the past
modwheelmood - things will change
52 commercial road - tape
genghis tron - relief
jason forrest - rock rock rock
math head - the most lethal dance
rivulets & marc gartman - Cutter III (Aarktica Remix)


compilation appearances
Destroy Oh Boy #3
Destroy Oh Boy #2
maschinenfest 2015
electronic explorations
maschinenfest 2007
ars electronica cyberarts book / dvd


interviews & press
breakcore guidebook - interview
mxcx best of the year - interview
the void with christina - podcast interview
ghz tokyo - panopticon review
mat taylor - interview
onehouronedj - panopticon review
darkroom magazine - interview
allmusic - falling forward review
bazedjunkii - jungle boots review
neural - falling foward review
mHz shop tokyo - my favorite things
GHz shop tokyo - my favorite drummers
insomniac - breakcore 101
dsnt.co.uk - interview
pitchfork - live review
perfect day zine uk - interview
lost tracks review - tokafi
trash audio - workspace & environment 07
notes on breakcore - video interview 2005
soundsphere magazine - interview
invisible oranges - grist review
igloo magazine - grist review
cyclic defrost magazine - grist review
tokafi - grist review


dj mixes
aaron spectre - grey cat mix
aaron spectre - radio mix
aaron spectre - exe m-003 d&b
aaron spectre - live in toronto
aaron spectre - pirate mix
aaron spectre - ukbassradio d&b
megamix for mxcx 10 year anniversary
aaron spectre - live in ghent
aaron spectre - live in bristol jungle
aaron spectre - live in brussels nye
aaron spectre - live in toulouse
aaron spectre - live in manchester
aaron spectre - live in london @ bangface
aaron spectre - live in kiev
aaron spectre - live in zaragoza
aaron spectre - live in paris
aaron spectre - live in bristol
aaron spectre - live in brussels
aaron spectre - lion mix
drumcorps - truth and justice (for mixhell)
uk channel 4 radio - new music download w/ tom ravenscroft
aaron spectre - reptile dub
aaron spectre - live in nyc
aaron spectre - live in tokyo
aaron spectre - live in london
aaron spectre - live in detroit


drumcorps & aaron spectre discography


mixing and mastering
Code Orange - The Hurt Will Go On (Shade Remix)
Gore Tech - Geist Fibre
The First Seed - Side Ways
Dr. Colossus & Kinsugi feat. Blessed - The Unexpected
The First Seed - The $y$tem
Luciano De Rimanez - Might Remixes
Gain - Witch Burner / Northern Lord
Shade Ft. Drumcorps - It's Almost Forever
Illicit - Dream in Monochrome
Strange Weapons - Upset
Gods Will - Deadsound
16AJ - Every Bumbaclaat Time
Ars Dada - DystOpium
The Mighty Dreadnaut - Ripples
The Mighty Dreadnaut - Ultimate Excellence
Xian Juan - Smash Fash
The Archangel - Golgotha RMX
Chili Banks - Oopsie Daisy
Ninjah Fareye - Murder Sound
The Artbreaker - Eleventeen
BC Rydah - Ishooz Ruff
Jonny Dangerously - Light Up
Jonny 5 - No Sleep
Baby Demo - Adwa
Mizeyesis - Salvation

Autonomaton - Tribute
Babel & Default - From the Hood
Twinhooker & Mainframe - Spiritual Enlightenment
The Disciple - Vortex
V.E.M - Nio Skitår Senare (V.I.P Mix)
Dr. Colossus - Destroy Dem Soundboy VIP
Freedom Fighters - Jawbone
Brijawi - Decoder
Nickynutz - Chopping down Babylon
gore tech - proximity shift
gore tech - badlock
gore tech - proximity shift (2methyl remix)
aarktica - in sea
aarktica - arms
aarktica - matchless years
aarktica - bleeding light
aarktica - morning one
aarktica - no solace in sleep