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grew up in rural massachusetts, in a family of engineers and scientists, talking to the trees, hanging out with the caterpillars, as a three-year-old does.

one day i noticed a roaring, mechanical sound to the west. it sounded like a terrible monster was just over the hill, coming to eat everything we loved. i wondered if the animals heard it, and if they were worried. the sound was endlessly shifting, adjusting, grinding, terrible and ferocious. it seemed to grow louder at night.

i wondered why the adults were ignoring this sound. mowing their lawns. i asked my mom what it was, and she had no idea what i was babbling about, but i was persistent. eventually "oh! that's just the highway."

from then on, the path was clear. it was just a matter of figuring out which medium works best. have since been all over the world, on this roundabout mission, releasing a lot of records, meeting so many creatures, and continuing to play wherever there are kindred spirits.

currently based in amsterdam, working glitchy hardcore punky electronics. occasionally jungle music & ambient blissful, for we do need to celebrate the lovely things, to give us strength for the days ahead. happy if you are along for the journey, and thanks kindly for your ongoing support over the years.

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