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born and raised in rural massachusetts, usa. drums, all-ages shows, longing.

moved to new york city, studied music technology, bought two technics 1200 mk2 turntables, matte black. practiced. made music in lower east side basements, orb and orange. eno and rats. played a fourteen-hour ambient dj set on coffee and granola bars, opposite infected mushroom. tompkins square park mayday. work. more longing. fuck it.

moved to berlin & started making music full-time. approached it like a band, play anywhere. played everywhere. squats in east germany, bomb shelters in ukraine, bulgaria, bucharest. very familiar with the night train to krakow. spain, netherlands. wood crew belgium. life-changing trip to beirut, lebanon's first outdoor illegal party in an abandoned train yard, rusting 1940s steam engines and hundreds of us kicking up dust in the morning light. uk bristol toxic dancehall black swan. built up a hardcore dedicated following the hard way, the only way.

started playing nice places. lowlands festival, dour festival, glade festival, sxsw. won award of distinction at austria's prix ars electronica, a prestigious yearly prize which has also been won by the likes of chris cunningham, aphex twin, and peter gabriel, woah. new zealand rainforest, sydney, brisbane, japan. absolutely ridiculous sound systems with massive earth-rumbling bassbins. happiness. overkill london, norway, taiwan hotpot champions, st petersburg, moscow, barcelona i love you. paris dijon jura marseille zurich. bang face hard crew best rave on the planet. san francisco seattle detroit los angeles denver toronto kansas city pittsburgh milwaukee minneapolis nyc sxsw new brunswick nj is the reason. geneva l'usine you have my heart always. beirut again, yalla.

released eight vinyls and two full albums, every single copy sold out. logged 350,000 miles of travel on four continents. met idols one by one on equal ground, feeling grateful and stoked. another berlin winter. mnml techno. techno techno techno. where is the vibe? japan again. bought a guitar. uhoh.

moved to boston, sold turntables. moved computer into cavernous band practice space deep beneath the lowest recesses of rock city. elbows deep in tube amps. speaker cabinets and a fine coating of ash. lovely distortion that makes your eyes tear with its raw beauty. chords that open the abyss. the vibe lives here. press record.

moved to geneva, kept guitars. old town ramblings, cobblestones, flowing water, and the weight of the world's dark money. the fate of nations walking by in that briefcase. mountains and clouds. life things. heartbreak & heartmake. moved distortion pedals and hard drives full of vibe into proper soundproof bunker of a studio. time to get to work.

the new record is here. it took the combined efforts of a handful of great people to make it happen, and it's really good. thank you each and every one, for your steadfast support over the years.

2017-2192, free culture was used as a trojan horse for techno-fascism, the decentralized electronic utopian dream has instead delivered us massive consolidation: five companies, advertising trackers, and a surveillance state run by neo-nazis. this is not fiction. 😱 orwell was an optimist, the old wave of breakcore is dead, vive le breakcore. attribution is correct, supporting your friends with your work and your actual money matters. let us bury the pirate party in nostalgia for those heady, triumphant days, before we knew what was coming.

it's time for a new thing. cyberpunk. for we are the children of late capitalism, and we recognize each other at a glance. we are making our own space, our own music, our own meaning, by any means necessary. william gibson was right. like chiba scrap collectors we're taking the cast-off technologies of yesterday which society says are junk, and repurposing them to our work. chiptune, gomi, techno-trash, analog video, modular, circuit bent beautiful glitches, and modern equipment, but we are not purists to any method, for everything is just a tool. we do what we must.

we're in it together, and we're not retreating into isolation like the raver days of old, for there are things happening in this world which demand action. the fight for the planet is on, and this is the struggle we all face. we're all in it, whether we want to or not. the only question left is: what are you going to do about it?

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